Vital quotient of Moma Group’s equation, our collaborators, both managers and field people, they all have one thing in common: the aspiration to be the best.
Moma Group encourages this goal by supporting their evolution and growing autonomy. For us, this is the essence of keeping the team motivated, in high spirits and ready to address our clients’ toughest challenges.


Our events, venues and catering capabilities are much more than a collection of services. They leave a lasting mark on our audiences as they create value, link and emotion. Experiencing the flavours of the world at the Manko, surprise breakfast in one of the Kaspia’s private saloons, handcrafted show at Opéra en Plein Air,

ephemeral mass-marketing events conceived and produced by Moma Event: we bring into being rare moments thanks to the creativity and resourcefulness on our internal talents. The open-mindedness goes hand in hand with the power to be innovative, creative and offbeat while meeting the highest standards of professionalism.


Above all, through our events we aim to make a lasting mark on the minds and hearts of our clients. Staying true to the identity of our venues – from the Bus Palladium’s rock soul to the Haussmanian spirit of a Parisian private hotel – and services more generally, showcasing them with passion and know-how: this is the common thread linking together our people, whether we talk about decoration, “art de vivre”, gastronomy, communication… We put soul in everything we do.



Adapting ourselves to the external context, to the economical cycles, to the trends has always been one of our strengths. We redesigned the business and we knew how to assimilate the mutations induced by the difficult economic context: the classical event agency reinvented itself and succeeded in diversifying its know-how. The acquisition of a music festival, the in situ indexing of places, the development of B2C venues (both restaurants and festive places) have proven our constant flexibility that allowed Moma Group, under Benjamin’s visionary impetus, to anticipate and act well ahead of time. Day by day, the will to adapt is what drives our team and our business approach.

5 rue Beaujon, 75008 Paris